Chapman X New Museum Collab

So incredibly lucky to have the honor of working directly with the New Museum to create a collaborative cruiser deck in the shape of their iconic building on the Bowery, in NYC.  

CHAPMAN SKATEBOARDS X NEW MUSEUM LIMITED EDITION CRUISER DECK INSPIRED BY THE NEW MUSEUMS ICONIC SHAPE. From prohibition comes invention. When skaters are kicked off one street, they find another. Artists like Larry Clark, Harmony Korine, Ari Marcopoulos, and Ed Templeton have looked to skate culture—a culture where the body’s action propels it forward at breakneck speeds and where the city becomes a concrete labyrinth reduced to its simplest geometry—as a source of inspiration. It attracts the new, and the young gravitate toward its unrelenting momentum, creating a space for innovation where convention breaks on the pavement. Inspired by a 2012 New Museum Store window installation by Canyon Castator and Richard Duff, the New Museum Store is proud to contribute to the continually expanding intersection of art and skate culture with the release of a limited-edition skate deck in the shape of the New Museum’s iconic building on the Bowery. In collaboration with Chapman Skateboards, one of the premier skateboard manufacturers in the US, the New Museum Store is producing a limited edition of 150 handcrafted skate decks made from Canadian Hardrock Maple wood featuring a high-gloss paint mix. This deck’s unique design is as much a nod to the ingenuity of skate culture as it is a tribute to the narrow, skated backstreets of the neighborhood the New Museum calls home. About Chapman: Since 1991, Chapman Skateboards has been dedicated to producing the highest quality American-made skateboard decks. Many of Chapman’s boards have been instrumental in shaping the history of New York skateboarding, including those manufactured for Zoo York, Supreme, Illuminati, Shut Skates, and Hopps, as well as countless other independent brands. Founded and run by a skateboarder, Chapman continues to grow its legacy through unique partnerships and a commitment to pushing the limits of the craft. About New Museum Store: The New Museum Store has long been considered a premier destination for those seeking a unique and comprehensive selection of contemporary art books and gifts. True to the New Museum's forward-looking mission, the Store procures and produces the most engaging and thought-provoking books, gifts, art periodicals, CDs and DVDs, as well as two- and three- dimensional art objects. For the past several years, the New Museum Store has also collaborated with artists on special limited editions and projects. Past collaborations include a bicycle helmet with KAWS, a Tarot deck with Dorothy Iannone, a Lawrence Weiner bicycle, a MakerBot holiday window, and a Dzine pop-up nail salon with custom pinky nails. Directed & Edited by Jerstin Crosby Starring Ricki Twohill Audio by Matt Wellins Excerpt from "Not All Who Wander Are Lost", Thad Kellstadt, (video, 2014) Photograph of New Museum by Dean Kaufman. Special thanks to the Craig Hein, Ricki Twohill, and Shut Skates.